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  This page is dedicated to contributions by Network members who have donated their artwork for use in each of our annual Forums, from 2002 through 2015. What follows below is the text we used in each year's brochure to introduce our artists. We invite you to enjoy their contributions.  
logo 2016 Artist: Sonia Balcer
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Our Forum Artist for 2016 is Sonia Balcer, musician, artist, and Physicist/Engineer for Aerojet Rocketdyne in Canoga Park, California.

Explanation of Forum Art

"Know" Loss - "Learn" More - INNOVATE! Expand Your Future
Sometimes even familiar things are not as they seem, but are more mysterious and boundless, more splendid than we in our limited understanding can imagine. The light originating from distant objects such as the Ant Nebula or the Abell cluster, shaped by unseen magnetic forces and relativistic effects, travels towards us from the distant past for thousands or even billions of years, bending through corridors of space shaped by gravitational “lenses” formed of the intervening masses of galaxies. Light itself is a mystery, a paradox of both wave and particle, and yet even the smallest child can behold objects illuminated by it. The graphic above is a composite of eight separate images, each illustrating some aspect of light travelling to us from distant stars and galaxies in various stages of life, some billions of light-years distant. Though the source of a given image may long ago have ceased to exist as presently seen, we are still connected with it because the ever-moving echoes of its existence radiate outward, reaching our shores where we can partake in wonder of the mystery of the unknown. Likewise, our ability to learn is ever-moving, always enabling us to see what did not exist before.
logo 2015 Artist: Clark Woodford
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Our Forum Artist for 2015 is Clark Woodford, creator of Clark's Gallery. An explanation for his artwork selection follows below. Learn more about Clark at this link.

Explanation of Forum Art

Break the Mold: Aspire, Inspire, Achieve (Great Barrier Reef image) This image, to me, is the epitome of breaking the mold. It does it every minute of every day. The living organisms aspire to grow, they inspire all that see them and the possibilities of what they can achieve are endless. The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 1,600 miles over an area of approximately 133,000 square miles. It is the world's biggest single structure made of and built by billions of living organisms.

logo 2014 Artist: Clark Woodford
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Our Forum Artist for 2014 is Clark Woodford, creator of Clark's Gallery. An explanation for his artwork selection follows below. Learn more about Clark at this link.

Explanation of Forum Art

Succeed with Inquiry: Insights, Knowledge, Action (Horse on Hill image) My inspiration for this image comes from the feeling of success once the horse has reached the top of the hill. However, the horse is looking out to a higher hill. Thinking back to the action the horse had to take to get to where it is, the insight to make the journey and knowledge gained in the journey and how it will be applied to reach the next hill off in the distance.

logo 2013 Artist: Jennifer Shepherd
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  Our Forum Artist for 2013 was Jennifer Shepherd, creator of Living Tapestries. An explanation for her artwork follows below. Learn more about Jennifer at this link.

Explanation of Forum Art

The Art of Reflection: Connect, Inspire, Act
When I choose to practice the art of reflection, I find it helpful to explore an idea through multiple lenses. This allows me to consciously suspend and challenge my beliefs and assumptions about the idea and see it anew from different perspectives. As I brought the Forum’s 2013 “Art of Reflection” theme to mind, I worked with American Sign Language (ASL) to inquire into what it means to reflect. I happened upon this lens as I read Scott Mather’s blog posting about his experience of learning ASL as a hearing person. He writes: ASL is “a bridge to different ways of seeing, of communicating, of thinking, and of discovery of other cultures and human beings.”

Through his writing, Mather helped me to notice that you need to bring your full attention to what you see when participating in an ASL conversation. As one learns the language, one’s mind dances between the passive “seeing and observing” of the unconscious mind and the active “looking and trying” of the conscious will to make meaning of what one sees. I think the art of reflection involves both seeing and looking, and it's in the interplay between these acts that we notice what we're noticing. It is from this skilled place of “being” that we are able to practice the art of reflection and make inspired choices to step into wise action. I was moved by what I read, and I sought out support from a fellow In2:InThinking Network member, Lori Steed Sortino, who is fluent in ASL to explore and deepen my understanding of the reflection process. Together, we explored its connection to the Forum’s sub-theme “Connect – Inspire – Act”.

In any given moment, one uses filters to sift and sort a constant deluge of data. These filters impact what one attends to in that moment and how one makes meaning of the experience. Drawing on this idea, I chose to select a few frames from a video of Lori Steed Sortino signing “Connect – Inspire – Act”, and then transform the frames through a shift of media from video to paper and ink. I further transformed the concept from a moving image to a still series of illustrations, carefully orienting them on the page to follow the path of reflection energy flowing around and through the woman from the point of initiation to resolution. Through your relationship with this artwork, I invite you to delve into your own inquiry of the artful practice of reflection and its power in your life.
logo 2012 Artists: Patrick Robertson and Matt Shara
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Our Forum Artists for 2012 were Matt Shara and Patrick Robertson, both seniors at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where Matt is majoring in Architecture and Pat is majoring in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies program.

Explanation of Forum Art

Leading with Better Questions
When we began to talk concept for the artwork for the In2:InThinking Network's 2012 Forum, we started with the words leadership, initiative, and making a difference. We talked about each word individually, independent from context. We talked about what each word meant to us and what each word means in itself. What does it mean to be a leader, to take initiative, to actually make a difference? This exercise was not excessive, but rather revealing. These observations soon related to our own experiences at the 2010 and 2011 Forums. What does it mean to participate in the Forum, how can art not only capture, but also augment these qualities through the expression of the words driving the 2012 event? Soon a similarity was seen... Leadership, initiative, and making a difference all require action! The artwork does not symbolize action in itself, but rather our current position, our potential to act.

In our current position we can see a beautiful future, filled with whatever colors we wish, all blending vibrantly together. There is still a gap, however, between where we stand and the future's manifestation, and in this gap are the forms for us to fit together. They swim in the sea of (mass) ubiquity, following currents around and around. These currents are businesses, they are schools, institutions, and governments; these currents are people. We are people, waiting to work together, waiting to be directed through collaboration, waiting to build reciprocal relationships able enough to connect the pieces of our brightest, most vibrant future. Together we have the potential to act, together we have the potential to lead and take the initiative to make a difference!

logo 2011 Artist: Alexis Burkevics
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  Our Forum Artist for 2011 was Alexis Burkevics, who received Popular Photography magazine's "Grand Prize" in the 2010 Readers’ Photo Contest for the cover photograph of the ”Wave” formation at Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.  She enjoys photographing everything from urban and natural landscapes to her two sons' college soccer games. She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and MS in Engineering Management, and serves as a Systems Engineer on the J-2X rocket engine program.        

Follow this link to find Alexis' online photo gallery.
logo 2010 Artist: Peyman Pojhan
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  Our Forum artist for 2010 was Peyman Pojhan, who was born in Mashhad, Iran in 1976. He started his studies in Civil Engineering in 1996. That same year he grew a passion for art and sculpture. By 1999 he was already well known for his work and was getting requests from City Halls to build sculptures in public places. In 2001 he obtained his B.S. of Civil Engineering. Peyman blends his engineering skills and artistic capabilities to build his own unique sculptures. His hands and mind together can create the unbelievable. He has worked with a variety of materials and is an expert in a wide range of techniques.

By 2005 he had built more than 20 large scale sculptures in major cities of Iran. In 2006 he held two solo galleries, one in Sa'd Abad palace of Tehran and another in the Mexican embassy of Iran, introducing Mexican culture to the Iranians.

For more information about Peyman and his art, please visit
logo 2009 Artist: Navneet Mezcciani
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  Our Forum artist for 2009 was Navneet Mezcciani. Originating from Bahrain, she is an award-winning watercolourist who competed internationally and widely in the Middle East. Holding degrees in Fashion Design and Computer and Electrical Engineering she uses her diverse skills in the artistic arena to do commissioned portraits, fashion design, and interior decorating. With her technical skills, she serves as a Software Engineer for the Space Shuttle Main Engine. She currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

Explanation of Forum Art

OurSpace: Bringing Progress In2 View
In accepting our offer to design this year's cover art, Navneet offers us this explanation below, which was also recorded in an interview with her.

When I think of “progress” I think of growth, renewal, illumination and collaboration. It seemed fitting then to encompass these elements in a compelling surrealistic visual that brought together the idea of progress and our collective endeavour of better-thinking and advanced insight that is the vision of the In2:IN philosophy. To evoke this empathy in the viewer, I used symbolic elements where the Eye represents insight and awareness and what is brought into view is Fire
– which in ancient Greek philosophy represents energy, passion and creativity which are also core to the In2:IN philosophy. Fire represents human progress: the ability to control fire has made it possible to generate heat and light, to cook food, and to extract and treat metals. Fire is symbolic also of renewal, for out of the ashes emerges new growth and renaissance of thoughts and ideas. Holding the beacon of passion, energy and illumination is the silhouette of a Hand, representing joint collaboration, empowerment and application. The organic nature of the image is further echoed in the curvilinear design emerging from the corner of the eye where the curlicues embody growth and evolution. The vibrant colours bring all the elements together to visually stun the viewer and capture the passion that is present when all of us endeavour together.
logo 2008 Artist: Scott Lennox
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  Our Forum Artist for 2008 was Scott Lennox.  His vivid artwork is held in corporate and private collections.  Exhibitions are being planned for Texas, New York, Monterrey, and London. Two of his landscape paintings are hanging in the United States Embassy residence in Geneva.  Scott recently published In Brazos Country, a collection of his poems about the Brazos River.  He is currently recording the book with voice and on-location background sounds. 

For more information about Scott and his art, please visit
logo 2007 Artist: Conrad Tiu
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  Our Forum Artist for 2007 was Conrad Tiu. Conrad is an assistant principle in the Los Angeles Unified School District and is also a practicing graphic illustrator. He has worked at the Pegasus conference for the past several years. Conrad is also working for his Ph.D., which he hopes to complete in 2007.

You can see examples of Conrad's illustrations at
logo 2006 Artist: Kelly Harris
Banner - Brochure
  Our Forum artist for 2006 was Kelly Harris, from Decatur, Alabama. Along with her sunset photo, which she adapted and submitted for our theme, “Daring to Explore”; Kelly also kindly submitted the T.S. Elliot’s Little Gidding quote, found streaming throughout our brochure.  
logo 2005 Artist: Richard Clar
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  Our Forum artist for 2005 was Richard Clar, originally form Los Angeles and now living in Paris, France.

Encompassing a NASA-approved Space Shuttle project (1982), SETI, war and peace, water-management on Earth and space-environment issues (COLLISION II, a Orbital Debris Constellation Sculpture, 2003), the philosophically-oriented work of Art-in-Space pioneer Richard Clar (Director: Art Technologies, Paris/Los Angeles), has appeared in museums, universities, and galleries in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

For more information about Richard and his art, please visit
logo 2004 Artist: Tim Daszko
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Our Forum artist for 2004 was Timothy Daszko, from Santa Clara, California.

Explanation of Forum Art

Making a Difference From Where We Are
This work draws upon surrealism and abstract thought which enables creative freedom for the incorporation of analogies. The use of vibrant colors and movement makes the artwork eye-catching and flowing, reflecting the thought patterns of innovative thinkers. The theme of this year’s Forum, "Making a Difference From Where We Are," creates a spectrum of ideas, but most significant is the impact of human thought. From the earth and its resources we draw upon our surroundings and inspirations to create. The human figure represents this idea. The lack of a detailed face represents the elimination of the "individual" when it comes to problem solving and innovative thought. The world is directly and indirectly affected by thought. Ideas directly impact actions; the hands represent the application of ideas and the actions that result from thought patterns. The indirect impacts result from the flood of thoughts that flow out of the head and puddle on the shoulders of the thinker. These puddles might be representational of shared, loose, inactive, or untouched ideas, which weigh on the arms and linger until utilized or discarded.

logo 2003 Artist: Tony Heald
Banner - Brochure
  Our 2003 cover art was created by Tony Heald, an international artist working and living in the United Kingdom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Explanation of Forum Art

What's New? What's Next? Better Thinking for a Better Future

Tony chose Circus Clowns as the cover piece to remind us “to laugh at ourselves (and our endeavors) whilst retaining our optimism”. We value Tony’s sense of hopefulness as it relates to our forum theme of “better thinking for a better future.”

For more information about Tony and his art, please visit;
logo 2002 Artist: Yasuo Araki
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  Our Inaugural Forum signature cover art was Eyes to the Outside, created in 2000 by Yasuo Araki of Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada.

Explanation of Forum Art

Transforming the Economics of the 21st Century

We feel the themes of connection, broadening, learning, and delight in Eyes to the Outside make it fitting for our Forum.

For more information about Yasuo and his art, please visit;
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