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Session B - Pre-Conference Session
Moving from Spectator Safety to Participant Safety
Presented by Rick Spencer


Description: Since the birth of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) in 1968, the Health and Safety of the average workplace has seen significant improvements, with number of work related fatalities falling dramatically. However, many organizations now benchmark their success based on injury rates that lead to discipline for employees reporting or even discussing accidents or injuries.  Reporting illnesses or injuries can cause you to be unpopular with your co-workers, lead disciplinary points, have your salary reduced and ultimately lead to termination. The message is clear – don’t report, don’t talk, just keep your mouth shut or else. While many companies have all the right slogans, “Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”, employees learn the “Safety Game” and understand that protecting the perception of safety is the primary responsibility.

Attendees of this interactive session will be engaged in activities that include;

  • Review of Red Pen and Blue Pen organizations
  • Health and Safety at a Blue Pen organization                 
  • Moving from Individual Safety to Team Safety
  • Developing a true “World Class” Health and Safety process that engages employees, managers and executives

Target Audience: employees, managers, leaders and executives.

Organizational Issues: The Federal Education and Labor Committee estimate that up to 69% of injuries and illnesses are never reported (2008). Without this information, true Health and Safety cannot be achieved, which can provide significant economic (improved profitability) and societal (reduced healthcare costs and improved welfare) impact. This session will examine how Participant Safety can engage a workforce in a way that can positively impact business objectives and metrics.

An overview and discussion of Health and Safety in an average workplace and the exploration of Health and Safety in an organization designed for “world class” results will be objectives of this interactive session.

Materials Needed: None

Date: Thursday, April 19th

Length: 3 hours (9:00am-12:00pm)

Location: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - 6633 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park

Cost: None

Handouts: Available for download after the Forum

Rick Spencer

Biography: Rick is well-versed in the fields of behavioral sciences and ergonomic health, Rick has amassed an ever-expanding expertise in the science of systems -- from training/performance modalities to OSHA compliance to performance-based ergonomics program development and management. His undergraduate and graduate studies at California Lutheran University -- combined with successful research tenures at UCLA and Telecare and advanced program development work with Fortune 500 organizations – have contributed to Rick’s extensive knowledge base and dynamic grasp of behavioral modification essentials and human factor determinants.

Contact: Rick can be reached by e-mail at rick.spencer@ohs.us.com for additional information about this Pre-Conference session.

Website: www.ohs.us.com


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