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Session A - Pre-Conference Session
Now What? How to Create Leverage, Insight and Action by Asking Great Questions and Embodying Great Answers, Together
Presented by Alex and Beth Iglecia


Description: This workshop is for change agents, consultants, facilitators and leaders who have bookshelves filled with models, theories and wisdom, who are in action with teams and clients, and who want to grow their developmental edge and emotional intelligence. You will engage with experiences that transform how you ask questions and hear answers and you will learn a powerful set of guiding principles and practical tools for making the difference in leadership presence, inspired collaboration, and valuable project outcomes. You will take away personal practices that immediately impact how you discover synergy, spark creativity, and connect vision to action. Mindfulness and awareness were just the beginning. You'll be on the leading edge of your development. As a bonus, you will receive access to a easily accessible online video library for practicing the foundational skills you learn.

Target Audience: You want to make a difference in yourself, your relationships and community, and your organization. You facilitate change and are endlessly curious about the dynamics of change, how to make the most of breakdowns and breakthroughs, and how to help new solutions emerge and last. Your shelves are full of information and you hunger for more and for more impact with that information as you coach and lead yourself and other change agents. You intuit that mindfulness and body awareness is just the beginning and there must be ways of integrating and advancing those capacities in specific terms. This workshop is for you because the next level of leadership will thrive with practical, integrated personal tools that use the best of our minds and make the most of our intuition and relationships.

Organizational Issues: Have you ever lost time and energy because the team pushed ahead only to arrive at a solution or design that missed a critical factor? Or, have you ever experienced the inner friction of taking what seems like forever to get into alignment and put every single question on the table to see every possible side? Somewhere between these two extremes is FLOW, the dynamic experience of being BOTH the author of your own decisions and passion and talents AND the curious listener who holds space for the highest good. Tomorrow's leaders know how to strike this balance and move forward with real inner and outer sustainability and have the skills for catalyzing profound shifts.

This workshop humbly aims to give you the grounded framework and practices for enlightened performance. You will upgrade your ability to be present, curious, powerful, authentic and connected as the foundational capacities for getting good stuff done. To be the change you wish to see, you must be able to ask the question to yourself and others and be willing and able to show up fully while connecting your awareness to action with others.

Materials Needed: None

Pre-Work: Link here for a survey from Alex and Beth to complete once you register to attend their session.

Date: Thursday, April 19th

Length: 3 hours (9:00am-12:00pm)

Location: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - 6633 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park

Cost: None

Handouts: Available for download after the Forum

Alex & Beth Iglecia

Biographies: Alex Iglecia helps coaches, consultants, and conscious leaders make a deeper difference by embodying the Four Dimensions of Presence that shift you immediately into more authenticity, integrity and creativity so your leadership finds its flow. With an M.A. in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute, B.S. in Engineering from Cornell University, Alex integrates over years of transformational training for enlightened performance including Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Combative Martial Arts, Open Space Technology and UZAZU. Alex is the co-founder of Evolution Playground and Co-Directs UZAZU, International Mind-Body Graduate School for Tomorrow's Leaders. Beth Iglecia brings over two decades of experience in complex organizational structures in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds dealing with change, mergers and acquisitions, Her education includes an M.A. in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute, a B.S. in Leadership from Northeastern University and certification as a Holistic Health Coach from Teacher’s College at Columbia University. Beth is the co-founder of Evolution Playground and her passion emphasizes healing, stress-reduction and integrating body-intelligence in everyday life.

Contact: Get a free 30-minute breakthrough strategy session with Alex by emailing him at alex@iglecia.com. You can also reach him for alex@iglecia.com for additional information about this session. Beth can be reached by e-mail at beth@iglecia.com for additional information about this session.

Websites: www.alexiglecia.com and www.bethiglecia.com,

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/alexiglecia and www.linkedin.com/in/bethiglecia

Twitter: twitter.com/AlexIglecia

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