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Conference Session
A Framework for Asking Questions

Presented by Fazel Hayati


Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to examine the framework for developing a system of questions that leads the organization into the future. The framework is based on sound competencies of systems thinking, understanding variation and collaborative relationships. This work distinguishes between “Who” and “What” vs. “How” and “Why” question types. The former focuses on individuals and activities to assign blame while the latter examines the assumptions, purpose and methodology to understand systems and interdependencies. This presentation taps into pivotal work by Ackoff, Deming, Scholtes and Shewhart.

Fazel Hayati

Biography: Fazel Hayati is professor of operations management, quality and productivity at Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin. He has been a practitioner and proponent of Dr. Deming’s management philosophy since 1985 when he was first introduced to the foundations. Prior to full time teaching he worked in the industry for several years. He has also been a consultant in quality and productivity. He earned his B.S. and MBA from Louisiana State University (Shreveport) and PhD in Industrial Systems and Engineering from Auburn University.

Contact: Fazel can be reached by e-mail at fhayati@edgewood.edu for additional information about this Conference session.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/fazel-hayati-phd/8/542/9a8

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