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Abstract: There are patterns that we don’t seem to have dominion over – emotional patterns, thought patterns and behavior patterns that get triggered and we don’t seem to have any choice, “we go on a ride”. This is often represented by stories that we tell about ourselves and the world around us. We keep rehashing the same stories — perhaps they weren’t even our stories, they are scripts that we inherited about who we are, how the world works, who’s to blame, who the good guys are, what we can expect from life, etc… To become fully engaged in life we must have a certain creative capacity — we must be able to navigate the dynamic complexity of life.

Barnet Bain

Biography: Barnet Bain is an award-winning Hollywood producer and director and a sought after consultant and business coach. As a leader in the field of personal and transformational development, Barnet has inspired millions of people around the world. Among his films are 'life after death' Oscar winner What Dreams May Come, The Celestine Prophecy, Jesus, and triple Emmy Award nominee, Homeless to Harvard. His upcoming productions include Richard Bach's Illusions and Milton's Secret by Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman. Barnet's column, The Tao of Hollywood appears regularly on Findbliss.com. Learn more about him at this link.

Contact: Barnet can be reached by e-mail at barnetbain@aol.com for additional information about this Conference session.


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