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Dear Attendee,


The doors to our 2012 Forum will open at 7am on Thursday, April 19th, and remain open through Tuesday, April 24th.  Whether you're attending for all six days or for one of our 16 Pre-Conference sessions, are you ready to join with fellow leaders from across the US and Europe and get immersed in the possibilities of leading with better questions?

With the countdown clock at four days, we would like to share a few updates as you prepare to attend our Forum, with Pre-Conference sessions on Thursday and Friday, the Weekend Conference from Friday afternoon through Sunday at noon, and Post-Conference sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, take a look at our 2011 Forum photo montages at this link, get rested and prepared for another incredible six-day marathon of thinking and learning together with colleagues who are making a difference in their respective organizations with "better thinking about thinking," what we mean by InThinking.    

Find details below on how to prepare to join us.


All for now.    

See you soon.   

Safe travels to Los Angeles.   


2012 Forum Team 


Where to Join In   Our Weekend Conference activities will kick off Friday afternoon at the Hilton Woodland Hills, located at 6360 Canoga Avenue in Woodland Hill, with registration opening at 4:00pm, followed by Happy Hour from 5:00-6:00pm and dinner from 6:00-7:30pm, followed by our Opening Keynote.

For those participating in any of our 16 Pre-Conference sessions on Thursday and Friday, April 19th and 20th, plan to arrive for the morning sessions between 7:00 and 8:00am at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's (PWR) offices at 6633 Canoga Avenue and look for our registration tent near PWR's Leadership & Learning Center.  (Link here for a map.) Following Continental Breakfast, join us for our Beginning Together session from 8:00-9:00am, with the Pre-Conference sessions starting at 9:00am.   Directions to these sessions will be provided during the Beginning Together session.    If your plans begin with the afternoon Pre-Conference session on Thursday, plan to arrive here by noon and join us for lunch from 12:00-1:15pm, followed by the sessions that begin at 1:15.

For those arriving on Friday, plan to arrive between 7:00 and 8:00am to join us for Continental Breakfast, followed by our Beginning Together session and 4 full-day sessions.

Following our Weekend Conference, join us for our 6 Post-Conference sessions on Monday and Tuesday, April 23rd and 24th, also at PWR's 6633 Canoga Avenue facility, with Continental Breakfast from 7:30-8:00am and our Opening Together session from 8:00-8:30am.   From here, we will provide directions on the location of the daily Post-Conference sessions. 
Registration Results   As we move into the final stages of preparation, our attendance stands at 154 attendees for activities over the entire Forum, with 20-30 more expected to register this week.   While most of the attendees come from across the United States, we will host 12 international participants from Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, the UK, and Russia.  
Meal Count
Please help us with the accuracy of our meal count projections during the Weekend Conference events by taking a few minutes to complete our survey at this link.

Follow this link to see the meal plans for the entire Forum.
Badges  On your first day with us, you will be provided with a badge when you check in at our registration table.  This year's badge design incorporates the artwork provided to us by Patrick Robertson and Matt Shara, our 2012 Forum artists.  Your first name will appear on the badge as it appears above in the greeting.  Please let us know now if you would like to change the way your first name appears so that we can complete the changes before the Forum!
Forum Waiver  Included in our registration process is an injury liability waiver, as well as a waiver to allow us to photograph, videotape, or audio tape Forum attendees.   Follow this link to find an review our 1-page 2012 Forum Waiver.   While signing the liability waiver is required to attend any of the Forum activities, signing the recording part of our Forum Waiver is optional.   Should you not sign the recording waiver, we will remove photographs and recordings of you after the Forum, from any that you appear in. 
Identification  If you are planning to attend the Pre-Conference or Post-Conference sessions, to be held at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, you will need a passport or green card, as required, for identification, if you are not a US citizen.  If you are a US citizen, you will need a drivers license for identification. These items are required for access, as Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne is a US defense contractor.
Cameras and CEUs  Cameras are not allowed to be used for photographs by Forum attendees during the Pre- and Post-Conference sessions at PWR.   Employees with approved cameras will be permitted to take photographs of attendees with fellow attendees, with rocket engines in display, including a Space Shuttle Main Engine, one of many rocket engines on display within PWR's Leadership & Learning Center.

For anyone interested, CEUs and Certificates of Completion are available for any of the events you participate in during the Forum.   Contact Bill Bellows after the Forum with your request.
Parking  Park for free at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's 6633 Canoga Avenue offices for the Pre-Conference, Post-Conference, or Weekend Conference events.  The Hilton Woodland Hills is 2 blocks away.  You are also welcome to park at the Hilton Woodland Hills and pay rates of  $10-$15 a day for valet parking. 
Items for Sale   This year, we are pleased to announce additional In2:IN merchandise this year, in addition to our normal book sales and DVD sales, plus a Silent Auction during the Weekend Conference.  T-shirts, denim shirts, and polo shorts will be sold on each day of the Forum.   Link here to see our collection of In2:IN Wear.
Dress Code   Dress through our the Forum is business casual.  Follow this link to see examples of the dress code in action.   Due to popular request, last year's ban on soccer jersey's has been lifted.  We are still awaiting a ruling on Tie-Die, stay tuned...  
Weather  Southern California weather continues with its normal variation.  Mild temperatures are expected to continue, highs in the 80's (F, or high 20's C) and lows in the 50's (F, or 10C), with the famous SoCal sunshine greeting us each day.  Check the weather as the week goes on at this link, in case something does vary.
Hotel Rooms, Travel Plans, and Local Transportation  Rooms at the Hilton Woodland Hills, our Forum hotel, are still available.   Check our logistics resources link for advice on lodging and local transportation. 
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Items for Sale
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Hotel Rooms, Travel Plans

In2:InThinking Network
Save $25
For the tenth year in a row, we've contracted with Kid Flix, the after-school video services team at Placerita Junior High School in nearby Valencia, CA to videotape the  Weekend Conference portion of our 2012 Forum.  Once again, the Kid Flix "CREW" is being led by Paul Kass in recording the footage.   The resulting videos will be converted into our final DVD package by Dave Nave & Associates.  The package of 10 presentations, plus the performance of our Evening Collaborative guests, On Ensemble, sells for $150.  Weekend Conference attendees can order copies with a $25 attendee discount at the Forum. 
Offer Expires: April 24
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